Can’t find a house on the market, but the idea of building sounds overwhelming?

Your Choice semi-custom homes offer the convenience of pre-defined options with the luxury of custom details.


Rely on our expertise! With predefined choices, you get the benefits of a well thought-out home with the ease buying of a home. bonus — the streamlined process of a semi-custom home means you'll be able to move in sooner.


  • In our first meeting, we spend time getting to know you! We will discuss your goals, wants & needs for your new home
  • We will review our  building process and answer any questions you may have
  • We will provide you with an estimate of the approximate price of project, and review next steps
  • If you have a build site, we will meet with you on site to create a vision for your home location
  • Identify potential obstacles to overcome
  • If no build site has been determined, we will discuss site search criteria and help you find the right land
  • With a Your Choice semi-custom home, we try to keep the process simple! We will offer you many well thought-out floor plans to choose from.
  • Some floor plans offer alternate room layout choices, and we will review the areas where you may be able to customize options.
  • Our goal is to meet your needs and create the home of your dreams, based on your budget, style, and preferences!
  • We will walk you through pre-defined specification options for things like  zoned heating & cooling, ceiling treatments, under-cabinet lighting so you can get fit and finish you desire!
  • We will then review these choices against your standards and budget.
  • Once we have  completed your home specifications, we are ready to price your home with accuracy.
  • Only trades vetted for quality and reputation will have the opportunity to provide us with pricing for your project
  • We will do our best to put together à la carte pricing of your choices, so you can edit or upgrade to meet your budget needs.
  • At this stage, we will review and have you sign contracts
  • We will finalize lending and project finances
  • We will begin the process of getting the necessary permits to build your home
  • We will create and initiate construction schedule, which we will share with you
  • Lastly, we will have a pre-construction meeting with our team to begin your home


  • The process of building a home has a lot of moving parts! We use technology and our building knowledge to make every effort to keep our projects moving forward in a timely manner
  • You will be able to view the schedule details and a list of tasks being performed each day in our convenient app
  • We know communication with clients is an important part of managing each project!
  • Our app offers an easy-to-use communication platform that simplifies discussions and logging communications.
  • You can always reach us throughout the process -- via comments and messages  in the app or by calling a team member any time!
  • We have exceptional experience and knowledge about the process needed for proper home construction
  • Your on-site project manager will manage scheduling, and work with our skilled craftsman to  accomplish tasks in a timely manner
  • Your project manager is also responsible for quality control, inspecting the materials and craftsmanship of work performed, and guaranteeing a product that exceeds the industry standards
  • You will get regular progress updates through the "Daily Logs" feature in our app
  • You will have an appointed selection coordinator to assist through the selection process -- we want this to be your home, your style.
  • You will visit vendor showrooms and be exposed to a limitless amount of options to choose from to customize your home
  • We pass along any discounted pricing from our vendors to you!
  • After selections have been made, you will be able to finalize your selections electronically by approving through the app. You will be able to view all of your approvals at any time.


  • The final walk-through happens after the building department home inspection and approval.
  • This is your opportunity to inspect the quality of our workmanship, review the operation and maintenance of systems, point out any items that need touching up, and to ask us any questions about your new home.
  • After your sign-off, you are ready to move in!
  • We include a 12-month warranty on the workmanship of the home.
  • We follow warranty guidelines put in place by the National Association of Home Builders. This is to ensure you are getting performance guidelines beyond the industry standard.
  • Many manufacturer warranties on specific products and materials extend well beyond the 12-month period (ask us for the details)
  • To make it easier for you, your project manager will also manage your 12-month home warranty
  • The relationship you build with the project manager during the homebuilding process means that not only will they know the ins and outs of all of your home's details, they will also know you! We believe this puts the project manager in the best position to help service you through the warranty period.
  • Should there be a need to submit a claim, we make the process easy for you!
  • With the click of a button, you can submit a claim with a description and picture that will go directly to a warranty manager to begin the process

Creative Floor Plans

A semi-custom home does not mean cookie-cutter! Our designs take into account budget, style, and modern living amenities. 

Consistency & Quality.

Anyone can say yes, but we can do yes. Instead of relying on contractors, we have highly skilled craftsman on our team who are dedicated to consistent designs and quality work.


We offer an app that streamlines the homebuilding process by keeping communication, budgeting, schedules, selection approvals, documents, and daily logs all in one place!

Personal Attention.

We believe that clear expectations and communication build strong relationships, and every member of our team is equipped to help you find answers to your questions.