Full Custom Homes

Our Process

You know what you want, and you have time to make decisions and consider the details. With a full custom home, the sky is the limit! You’re part of the team! With a full custom home, you are involved in every decision and detail, from planning and design to selection and scheduling.


Create the Vision
  • Identify Goals of Build Location, Budget, Timeline, Full Custom vs Semi-custom
  • Create “Plan Content List”, rooms per floor, discuss style, and plan goals
  • Review Relevant Floor Plans & Ballpark Pricing. Discuss a path forward
  • Discuss Financing and provide guidance on path options
Find a Build Site
  • If you don’t already have a site or an agent searching for a site, we can help!
  • Set up search criteria to find the perfect site within your budget
  • Builder review of site to help identify ballpark site setup costs and potential contingencies
Plan Design
  • Choose a Plan we already have and make custom modifications, or go full custom and create a unique plan specific for your lifestyle
  • Once a design path is decided, a Deposit is required to proceed with plan design
  • Plans Completed & Ballpark Pricing is provided
Specifications & Upgrades Review
  • The opportunity to have your home dialed in for you!
  • If you choose the Semi-Custom path, this meeting will take about 1.5hr to review our well thought out Base Packages and pick from our select Upgrade’s menu.
  • If you choose the Full Custom path, this 2.5hr meeting is packed with information. We will start from our well thought out Base Package in each category, review many opportunities to upgrade products and add options, customize to make life at home a little easier and more comfortable, incorporating style features to make sure this home is an expression of you.
Finalize Pricing
  • If you choose the Semi-Custom path, we will finalize customization pricing, firm up site setup costs, put together your house package total price within a few days.
  • If you choose the Full Custom path, we will take your Custom Plans and Cusotm Specifications and price your custom project. This takes approximately 3.5 weeks to complete because we are incredibly detailed (*the full custom path requires a $1500 non-refundable deposit*)
  • During the Pricing Presentation we will review the Pricing details and review options to adjust specifications to bring your price up or down


Contracts Let’s Go! & Financing
  • Review Contract and Supporting documents for signing
  • $5000 Deposit at contract signing on Client financed projects. (10% if builder financed)
  • Financing: Client sends Contract to lender to complete opening construction financing
Pre-construction & Finalize Selections
  • Pre-Con Meeting: Introduction to the team and review project details
  • Interior Design meetings to finalize selections
  • Project Platform Buildout. Create Construction Schedule, final selections, Permits
1. Pre-Construction 2. Foundation & Backfill 3. Framing & Roofing 4. MEP Rough-Ins 5. Exterior House Finish 6. Insulation & Drywall 7. Site Finish 8. Interior Trim & Paint 9. Flooring Tops Tile 10. MEP Finish / Hardware 11. Interior Finishing 12. Final Walk / Punchlist 13. Closing 14&15. Move In 15. Post Move In Punchlist
Warranty Period (12 months)

Your Homes, LLC, is a residential building company. We work with clients from plan design to completed home construction. We have a highly skilled team and love customizing to meet our client’s needs and wants. Our attention to detail and quality are some of the reasons our homes stand out from the rest.

We know that budget is important, and we stay thoughtful about budgets throughout the process. We build homes in all price points.

We believe good business practices are based on deep rooted values, integrity, honesty, and good hard work. We are thankful each and every day to do what we love!

Other builders have simplified the custom homebuilding process by removing details and limiting client choices. But we have organized & simplified our process to encourage flexibility & customizing. We practice YOUR HOME. YOUR STYLE.


Consistency & Quality

Anyone can say yes, but we can do yes. Instead of relying on contractors, we have highly skilled craftsman on our team who are dedicated to consistent designs and quality work.


We offer an app that streamlines the process by keeping communication, budgeting, schedules, selection approvals, documents, and daily logs all in one place!

Personal Attention

We believe that clear expectations and communication build strong relationships, and every member of our team is equipped to help you find answers to your questions.